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Outback Texas is about building, restoring and strengthening relationships - between couples, parents/teens, and God.

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Have 48 Hours?

48 hours. That's all you need to change you, your family, and your life for the better.

People invest far more than 48 hours in all sorts of activities or work. Ever wonder what would happen if you invested 48 hours in your family?

Take the challenge. Give Outback Texas 48 hours. It'll be the best investment you can make this year.

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You're invited to one of our weekly Outback Texas meetings:

Tuesdays (5:30-7PM) at the Hotel Sorella, CityCentre (I-10/West BW8), Houston
Thursdays (6:15-7:30A) at Valley Ranch Grill & BBQ (249/Louetta), Tomball

Why not join us for a time of fellowship, sharing, and prayer. You'll be glad you did.

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